Celebrating 20 Years with Fur Peace Ranch

Can you believe it!?. The Fur Peace Ranch is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year and KMS has been with them the entire time. What a trip. We have been blessed and honored to be able to develop all the FPR artwork. Congratulations on 20 years and a big thanks, respect and love for Jorma, Vanessa, Hurl. And all the FPR staff for their hard work and dedication.

To mark this historic occasion, KMS has created The Fur Peace Ranch 20th Anniversary commemorative poster. If you would like a copy of the poster, they will be available for purchase at the Fur Peace Ranch online store.

KMS does so much work for the Fur Peace Ranch, it’s hard to find the time to post it all. But here’s a sample of some recent work:

click to enlarge

As some of you may know, FPR has opened The Pho Peace Restaurant, 11am – 3pm Wednesdays and Thursdays. Come and enjoy Jorma’s Pho soup favorites, and you just may catch a set while you enjoy lunch.

FPR in collaboration with KMS produces the FPR YouTube channel. FPR TV has over 3 million views! FPR and KMS would like to thank Andie Walla Productions and the entire crew who help capture the magic of live musical performance at the Fur Peace Station Concert Hall. Thanks also to Rusty Smith and WOUB for recording and mixing the audio portions of the show.

KMS designs Hot Tuna, Jorma and FPR merchandise that you can see on the road and at FPR co. store. Here’s Jorma with the Jorma Tour shirt which is available at the FPR online store. Photo by our pal Susie Perler.

You can see all of this and much more by visiting furpeaceranch.com, jormakaukonen.com, jackcasady.com and hottuna.com, KMS designs and manages those sites.

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