Steady as She Goes

I had the pleasure to design Hot Tuna’s new studio album “Steady As She Goes”. A lot of you out there might know, KMS serves as art director for Fur Peace Ranch, Jorma’s guitar camp in Meigs County, Ohio, and Hot Tuna. I think I’m up to 6 album designs now between Jorma’s solo and Hot Tuna combined. Red House Records was kind enough to hire us for Hot Tuna’s new album after doing the last two Jorma albums “Stars In My Crown” and “River Of Time”. Before that was “The Best of Hot Tuna” on Columbia and you can see all these in my portfolio.

Can’t tell you how blessed I am that Jorma and his wife Vanessa, moved to our neck of the woods. These guys are the best of people and turned me on to a number of other great folks who we now also do business with and have become dear friends. Also got to thank Jack Casady and Eric at Red House, again the best kind of people.

My Project Director Mike says I should be rambling on about process, where these designs come from and so on…. so I’ll try and write more about that later. Kevin=i=

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